Oh, Hello!

Every blog has to have a first post; this is the beginning of the line for Left Hand Guild.

Hi. My name’s Dave. I’ve been interested, intrigued or downright infatuated with pens, pencils, ink and paper for just about as long as I’ve been left-handed. I have hazy childhood memories of days spent with my dad at the university where he taught, and how a visit to the bookstore’s art department was an extra-special treat. By contrast, I can vividly remember fruitless searches for lefty-friendly pens during school supply shopping trips, futile efforts from well-intentioned teachers to help me avoid smudging, and bus-rides home with an ink-smeared left palm.

It didn’t take me long to figure out that lefties often get left out of the stationery party. But when I re-connected with my inner stationery nerd in 2012, I quickly discovered that there aren’t any pen blogs or review sites dedicated to lefties, either! The world of pens, paper and ink allows for a lot of specialization: if there can be sites dedicated just to Pelikan, or to the economics of the pen market, or to fine writing on a budget, or to Field Notes special editions, isn’t there room for one dedicated to the 10% of us who write with the other hand?

Hence, the Left Hand Guild.

Why a “Guild”?

I’m fascinated by my fellow pen addicts: inhabiting a market rife with high-priced luxury goods that could engender endless snobbery, somehow this group – both online and off – manages to be among the most welcoming, supportive, open and generous communities in existence.

Setting out to create a stationery site dedicated to lefties, I want it to be a microcosm of this phenomenal community. To me, the concept of a guild implies a common bond – a brotherhood in purpose, in pride of craft, in shared identity – that’s constructive and fraternal. To the extent that it also implies a barrier to entry, rest assured that every left-handed writer has already “paid their dues” by learning to write in the first place!

To the quiet minority of my fellow left-handed pen and stationery enthusiasts, this site exists for you. To the community at large, welcome – I’ve got some ideas in the works that’ll be interesting no matter which hand you write with. And to that amazing community, thank you for welcoming me.

Now, let’s get writing…

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