Lefty Load-out: Barnburner Business Trip

Ordinarily, I find business trips pretty tolerable – depending on the destination, sometimes even fun! The trip I’m slated to take to Boston…will not be counted in either category. Our inbound flight lands at 9PM. Two coworkers and I will be on the ground for exactly 33 hours before waking up at an obscenely early hour to catch a 6AM flight home. Yes, I realize this has #FWP written all […]

Lefty Review: Uni-ball Signo 307

Looking for a reviewer bias statement? Try this one: The Uni-ball Signo 307 is my favorite gel pen [refill] full stop. Landing in that spot wasn’t an easy road, and my pen drawer is practically overflowing with contenders that lost their grip on the crown. For left-handers, there are plenty of good gel pens out there, but few can really be considered great. Let’s dig into why the 307 leads that pack… […]

Lefty Review: Field Notes Left-Handed Edition

At long last, after (I’m quite certain) many dozens of emphatic requests, it’s here: proof that I’ll buy just about anything that Field Notes Brand puts their name on! And also, Left Hand edition. That’s here too. Ahh, Field Notes. The celebrated brand’s sturdy kraft-paper-bound pocket notebooks had me diving headlong (back) down the stationery rabbit hole in 2012. What started as a quick Google search for an American-made notebook was my […]

Oh, Hello!

Every blog has to have a first post; this is the beginning of the line for Left Hand Guild. Hi. My name’s Dave. I’ve been interested, intrigued or downright infatuated with pens, pencils, ink and paper for just about as long as I’ve been left-handed. I have hazy childhood memories of days spent with my dad at the university where he taught, and how a visit to the bookstore’s art department was an […]