Left Handers, Unite.

If you’re left-handed like me, you’ve been there…

Maybe you’ve stood, left palm smudged with a bruise of greasy ballpoint ink, facing a wall of pens at the local Office Megastore, finding no solace. Maybe you’ve grumbled, frustrated, after smearing your own handwriting on yet another glossy greeting card. Maybe you’ve even tried going entirely paperless – save for the occasional restaurant receipt – but found yourself drawn back to the analog joy of pen and paper.

Take heart, despondent southpaw: Left Hand Guild is a stationery blog for you and me. Here, you’ll find a left-handed perspective on pens, paper, inks, refills, and more.

Your Host

My name is Dave Rea (@mtbkrdave on Twitter and Instagram). I started hunting for that elusive lefty-friendly pen in middle school. Fed up with the “permanent smudge,” I scoured office supply stores, college bookstores and art supply shops, trying whatever I could get my hands on.

I attended engineering school at a university with a sizable deaf population, and became a note taker for the student support department. Armed with unlimited legal pads and motivated by the thanks and kudos I received for my notes, my quest nearly ended with the Pilot V-Ball – a pen that (in retrospect) seems to embody the warm, optimisic feel of the late ’90s. Saturn’s cars were still made of plastic, Bittersweet Symphony wasn’t overplayed yet, OfficeMax still existed, and a 3-pack of V-Balls only set you back $3.29 there.

After college, I made my way through a handful of jobs and a handful more favorite-pens, including the venerable Pilot G2 and Zebra G-301 – alongside the occasional tryst with a mechanical pencil here and there. In 2012 I discovered the Pen Addict Podcast, got re-acquainted with fountain pens, and it’s been all downhill from there…